Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I just love interesting people. When those interesting people are smart, strong professional women who just happen to be juggling pretty cool careers with Mummyhood, I love it even more.

Meet Sunshine Coast based Nikki Parkinson; award winning blogger (yes, there is such a thing), stylist, freelance writer, social media expert, shoe lover, wife and mother.

A print media journalist in her previous life, Nikki was born and bred in Maryborough, having spent much of her formative years in the country (also having lived in Gympie and Goondiwindi) she is now firmly planted on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

When she took the leap out of full-time employment at The Sunshine Coast Daily and into the world of styling, she had planned to use work in public relations to compliment her styling work - her true passion.

Nikki tells Ali Grant @ Profile Magazine, "If I didn't have access to so many real women I certainly wouldn't be an expert [in the blogging world]." Three years on there is no doubt that she is just that, winning the Best Australian Blog 2011 competition run by the Sydney Writers Centre as well as a stack of other accolades and media appearances.

I absolutely adore Profile Magazine, if you haven't read it get onto it immediately. It is one of the best locally produced magazines I have read (and I've read a lot).


Read Nikki's article in Profile or check out her awards and fab blog.

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