Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Log onto , one of the official digital media partners for the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival 2009.

2009’s exciting line up was announced yesterday for the Über Chic MBFF running August 23-28. The program is available on the Festival’s website & tickets are on sale @ qtix now!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Launch

Queensland’s premier fashion event the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival (MBFF) launches its program tomorrow, Wednesday 27th May 2009.

Timed to coincide with the arrival of Queensland’s strongest fashion season, the Festival will run from Sunday 23 through until Friday 28 August 2009 and will feature a thrilling array of top local, national and international design talent, events and parades.

Almost 15,000 people attended shows and workshops at 2008’s event with the Festival showcasing 59 local and national designers, top fashion graduates and fashion retailers presenting their Spring/Summer collections to the buying public, national and local media.

MBFF 2009 is set to augment Brisbane’s reputation as a city of creativity and style, staging yet another dynamic, consumer-driven event.

Details and the line up of designers will be announced on Thursday 21 May 2009 with tickets going on sale through QTIX.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Tracey's latest Column Attack of the Glamouron @ Babes in Business.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Gary Castles Sydney’s grand entrance into Queensland last year was welcomed with open arms (and feet), by Brisbane’s most well trodden.

For a Sex and the City obsessed generation, the Gary Castles flagship store on 73 James St, New Farm, is heaven sent.

Despite the soaking rain in Brisbane today, we have no doubt that devout fashionistas will run to tonight’s glittery grand opening.

Castle does this winter’s most coveted ankle boot sublimely so jump into his new collection.

A tip? Don’t walk; run.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


For those who cut a rapid pace when strutting in stilettos these Lamborghini concept heels are perfection.

When you consider Lamborghini, you think sleek styling and fast moving sports cars, but only the heel devotee will be able to get anywhere fast in these numbers.

The carbon-fiber heeled stilettos are based on the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and while they are merely conceptual, I can think of plenty that would be lining up for them should they materialize.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Loving LEVI’S® new Red Tab® Shoe collection’s hot Re-used Jeans Shoes range of high and low tops.

These inimitable sneakers are produced with pre-loved authentic LEVI’S® jeans. Forever eco, LEVI’S® is conscious of the need for sustainable fashion and used two pairs of jeans to make a pair of these exceptional shoes. Nearly all components of the jeans are re-worked with the watch-pocket, yellow stitching, belt loops and buttons all getting a new lease of life!

The LEVI’S® Re-used Jeans Shoes are genuine cult items and no two pairs are the same.

You can pick up the high-top version (pictured) for $100, and the low-top version retails for $90. For stockists, call 02 9870 7033.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Check out Grazia Mags amusing gallery showcasing Autumn / Winter 2009 – 2010’s catwalk craziness in shoe couture.

With designers jostling for the crown of convoluted, here is a gallery of the most outrageous, difficult to stand in (let alone walk in) stilt crop at present.

Left: Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 0910

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Wearers take heed this season’s heels are tall, skyscraper tall, and as a consequence are heaving a number of unusual circumstances our way.

Innumerable design houses have peaked at fifteen centimeters while others are still climbing, and although some fashion mafia have embargoed this season’s must-haves, a number of us
(and yes, I am including myself in the midst of the insane) are braving the movement with tenacious enchantment.

Yves Saint Laurent’s latest contributions not only exhibit a house brick magnitude platform base, they are exclamation marked by a fifteen centimeter heel resembling a knitting needle. Simply put, you have to be unreservedly abstemious to sample these treasures and you sure as heck better have the most physically commanding ankles in existence. Blustering down the street in these will undoubtedly exhibit saucy but Naomi Campbelling it in public would be catastrophic.

The collateral damage doesn’t stop at the average folk; several veteran models created their own natural disasters at recent Fashion Weeks in altitude defying heels with numerous tumbles taken throughout runway shows resembling Bambi’s first steps, no doubt a combination of impossible heels and a highly polished runway.

Risk of fractured and sprained body parts aside, there is a secondary but equally disastrous impasse manifesting. A social quandary, if you will.

Not all women donning these specimens are diminutive, many are of average stature and some were tall at the outset. Accordingly, women are getting taller with the help of these outrageous stilts and the societal fallout is riotous. Despite the fact the majority of men aren’t psychologically scarred by having to speak into a woman’s cleavage, it doesn’t (if truth be told), illustrate him in the best light.

This spectacle is apparent at most bars, clubs and restaurants across the globe. At a recent opening of a high-end boutique, accompanied by a colleague who is not particularly robust in stature, we are greeted at the entrance by a group of girlfriends, all looking Très Chic in their opaques and gargantuan stilettos. It took an exclamation from my colleague regarding her verbal communication into my breasts for the entire evening to realize that we looked like a scene from Attack of the Über Blondes.

For gents who surpass six feet this is by and large not going to be a cause of great anxiety, but for those a little under-tall this is not tremendous news. Aside from the predictable short man's syndrome that can potentially be triggered, bending down to talk to someone that isn’t five years old is slightly uncomfortable, both orthopedically and socially. A conundrum that can be a little precarious for a gal on the dating circuit, being an entire head height above a person of interest isn’t exactly a lubricant for witty banter, pending the sense of humour of the conversation counterpart.

It begs the query, if the woman in question is not wearing sky-high stilettos and is simply the same height shoeless as the potential suitor, does he meet her criteria? Universally the majority of women have a set of guidelines covering both attitude and physical appearance that are deal breakers; frighteningly we are often encouraged to write this list down. Strangely enough, a short man is unlikely to make the shortlist.

So where does this leave the men? Do men under six feet tall just sit this season on the bench waiting this one out for the opportunity to have a tête-à-tête with a less elevated female? Or do some parts of The List get waivered for a great guy we just can’t wear Louis Vuitton’s current tribal platforms in the company of?

At the risk of clogging up my Inbox with disgruntled gents articulating opinions on the subject, I put to all women that this is a significant dilemma. If you are one of the fashion faithful that have decided to invest the value of an overseas jaunt into a selection of fifteen centimeter designer heels, are you going to chose not to wear them to that hot party Friday night because your man of the moment is undersized in comparison? I think not.

Does he rise above this issue and become tolerant with his partner being modestly taller for the evening or does he get emotional over the subject? Clearly Tom Cruise had immense issues with Nicole Kidman wearing heels in his presence. The new Alexander McQueen’s would have him jovially posing for the camera alongside her belly button.

Could this season’s heels propagate short man’s syndrome in the average heighted bloke?

Is the best cause of action to suck it up, deal with it and let the wave of time wither the trend of the skyscraper heel with customary succession?

An intelligent man would endorse the advantages this heel can generate to his benefit. Most women sliding into a stiletto of this magnitude report significantly increased feelings of power, confidence and sex appeal. How can that be a bad thing?

Dismissing any groundless thoughts of inadequacy and utilizing her augmented self confidence can only be a good thing. Surely it is all about how you look at the problem at hand? Is she feeling strong, powerful and sexy? Yes. Are her feet going to be killing her when she gets home and will she remove them post-haste? Yes. Will her euphoric state remain and can he make use of it? Only if he is smart.

The reality is these heels, like all trends, won’t last forever. Take it one step further and buy her some sensational lingerie AND a new pair of stilettos to really embrace the moment, if you dare…

It’s all about how you look at the problem at hand. Maybe you’ll encourage her to wear them next season as well?

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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Prolonging our infatuation with shoe boots & ankle boots, here are two more to-die-for pairs.

In these uncertain financial times it is far more important to opt for quality than quantity. The aim is to ensure they last more than just one season. Step into these ultra-sexy Giuseppe Zanotti shoe boots ($1,565) or Über Chic Marc Jacobs ankle boots ($1,075).

Both @ Jean Brown:

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Those kooky Stylist make life interesting don’t they..? This is the winning pair of shoes from The Devil Wears Prada gig @ Limes Hotel last Thursday night. This gorgeous girl made these shoes herself!

I believe the funky rooftop bar was packed with gals donning their most fabulous shoe specimens & have no doubt Limes will follow this up for a do-over.

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Friday, May 01, 2009


Perennially chic Juli Grbac of Project Runway fame was already renowned in her home town of Brisbane for timeless elegant pieces in fluid fabrics with a girly innocence, but last night Grbac showed the world’s media what we already knew.

Making her RAFW debut to a massive crowd @ The Cargo Theatre, the Collection was a stunning illustration of her trademark pretty dresses, flowing gowns & an abundance of pleats and drapery.

A refreshing injection of more tailored pieces, not yet seen from Grbac, included this season’s strong shoulder lines in beautiful silk, heavily embellished jackets.

A stellar inauguration to Australia’s top fashion week.

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