Monday, July 20, 2009


What does your handbag say about you?

Are you loyal to just one bag or do you share yourself around? If you're like me, there may be several descriptions of you within these pages!

Does your 'it' bag reveal you to be a style-obsessed fashionista who will do anything or anyone to get ahead?

Are you the floral straw-bag girl with squeaky clean hair and a heart full of dirty secrets?

Perhaps you're the mink purse-carrying minx who has turned divorce into a profession, or the briefcase-wielding high-flyer whose favourite form of exercise is climbing the corporate ladder?

Kathryn Eisman's sharp research & quick wit helps you to identify your own handbag personas and those of our family, friends and foes.

From the 'I don't mind being daggy as long as I'm comfortable' bum-bag lover to the Hermes-clutching-heiress, we are all bag ladies - now it's time to discover exactly which one.

This is a fabulous little read & a great gift for a gal-pal.

To purchase in Australia go to Dymocks Online.

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