Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ah the joys of fame. This week the UK’s Daily Mail showcased Victoria Beckham’s bunions. Fabulous. Just the sort of media one would swell with pride over having recently announced adding shoes to your design stable.

The increasingly Chic Mrs B has certainly made heels her trademark, whether in a bid to up the glamour or merely increase her height I’m not sure.

The Daily Mail reports that ‘years of wearing six-inch stilettos have taken their painful toll on Victoria Beckham - she is facing surgery to remove her bunions.

Style may be everything for Posh, but she is in such agony that friends have revealed she is being forced to put ice on her feet and do daily exercises in a desperate bid to avoid having the bunionectomy operations advised by her doctors.'

VB has apparently said the pain is affecting her perfect posture. A ‘friend’ has told the Mail: 'The Beckham household is all about feet at the moment: David is having painkilling injections for bone bruising on his foot, while Victoria is in agony with her misshapen feet. She is suffering from shooting pain from the bunions. Normally, she kicks off her shoes in the house, but she has been out so much recently in high heels that she is really feeling it.'

All the while she continues to insist she will not resort to flat shoes.
'I beyond hate ballerina flats,' she says. 'I can't walk in them. Unless they're on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just don't get it. I love heels.'

I love heels to Vicki B but seriously, do you really need 15cm YSL stilettos at the park? Me thinks not.

To see the garish gallery of VB’s bunions go to the Daily Mail, I refuse to post them here.

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