Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love Listverse. Who wouldn't love an out-there website that publishes all manner of Top 10 lists? This list looks at ten bizarre styles of shoe from early to modern history.

From the Japanses Okobo & Lebanese Kabkabs (shoes, not a meat wrap) through to Alexander McQueens's Armadillo this is a much a minuscule history lesson as it is entertaining.

My favourite on the list is the 80's ballet boot that began as a fetish shoe and grew in popularity as a fashion statement, particularly in Japan. This shoe merges the look of the traditional ballet slipper with the ultimate high heel.

According to Listverse the illusion is to force the wearers feet almost en pointe, like those of a ballerina using an ultra long heel. The Ballet Boot originally gained popularity in the 1980′s, and is now available worldwide through specialty stores and online. You may have guessed, but these shoes are not intended to be worn for any extended period of time. The shoes (based on the images one finds on google images) seem to be rather popular with fetishists.

Check out the entire list and images @ Listverse.

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