Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Research out of the UK suggests that almost every woman has a collection of shoes that she will never wear.

It found that while the average British woman owns 20 pairs (seriously?), 11 of those pairs will remain shielded in her walk-in waiting for the right occasion to wear them, that never seems comes.

Despite leaving more than half of their collection to gather dust, most women will continue to fuel their shoe addiction, splashing out on an additional eight new pairs a year. (Again... seriously?)

It's no surprise that nearly a third of the 3,000 woman surveyed admitted purchasing shoes that were the wrong size, just because they liked them.

According to the study by Co-operative Insurance, the average spend on a pair of shoes is 36 pounds, so eight pairs a year would cost 288 pounds. (I wish that was my annual spend on shoes...)

"It's staggering to think about how much the average woman's shoe collection could be worth," the Daily Mail quoted Lee Mooney, head of home insurance at the Co-operative, as saying.

"Whereas a few decades ago shoes may have been considered an indulgent purchase, it's now the norm to spend a considerable amount of money on them every year," Mooney added.

Jeez, if Lee Mooney had interview some of the shoe aficionados I know, they may have blown his mind!

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