Thursday, November 01, 2012

What's next for Tamara Mellon?

When Tamara Mellon strutted from Jimmy Choo in November last year, pocketing a widely reported payout of approximately $135 million, she did so without too much fuss. In lieu of an official statement she Tweeted her 12,000 plus followers, thanking them for their support and signing off with, 'I will keep you posted.'

Despite no further official or unofficial statements Mellon hasn't exactly become a wallflower. Last month she attended the gala openings of the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Ballet, lunch at the Four Seasons for Barbra Streisand, a screening at the Museum of Modern Art of a documentary about the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland and the NY Fashion Week show of Kimberly Ovitz (the daughter of her boyfriend, Michael Ovitz).

This marathon schedule includes speaking engagements and her love life all being chronicled by several publications and bloggers and is probably a reflection of her full-time move from London to New York about a year ago.

'There is so much going on here, it's exhausting,' Mellon told The New York Times recently over lunch at Fred's (the ninth-floor dining room at Barneys New York). 'When you first move it's slightly overwhelming. You get so many invitations that you have four different things to go to in a night. That's a big difference from London, where you might have one good thing every couple of weeks.'

Mellon finally seems eager to talk about her life post Choo. She is writing a book described by her as a nonfiction 'entrepreneur story,' to be published by Penguin Press next year and there's also talk of her testing other aspects of the fashion business and perhaps building a lifestyle brand.

No matter what's next on her agenda there is no doubt it will be well narrated.

Want more?  Follow her on Twitter or read the full New York Times article here.

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