Sunday, June 07, 2009


Is Kristy Hinze leaving her new husband, Netscape founder Jim Clark?

Only momentarily. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Festival Director Lindsay Bennett was delighted to reveal Kristy has accepted an invitation from MBFF’s major sponsor Mirtna Capital to attend the Festival as their VIP guest.

On Monday, August 24, she will join the National Media lunch, & take a VIP front row seat at the evening group shows before attending a VIP After Party thrown in her honour by Mirtna Capital. On Tuesday, she will speak at the Fashion Forum and Breakfast, and also attend shows front row in the evening.

“Kristy Hinze embodies everything we love about Queensland and Australian fashion,” Lindsay said. “She’s naturally beautiful, she’s got a great sense of style, she’s made it on the world stage – and she’s still a great, down-to-earth girl. So we are absolutely thrilled that she would make such an effort to be part of the 2009 Festival. By supporting Kristy’s visit, Mirtna Capital has increased its sponsorship of the Festival from Platinum to Major sponsor, and we welcome and value their commitment.”

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