Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Former ABC journalist & web creator Verica Jokic of has taken the unique approach of comparing suburbs in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne to shoes.

Having moved around a lot Jokic says she always found it a challenge selecting a suburb to live in.

24 suburbs are listed in Brisbane to date & thus far Jokic has not identified a Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo suburb. Sadly, we only reach the heights of designer slippers, Country Road & Bally.

Clearly Jokic has not met any of the women I know & before you ask, yes, they all live in a suburb cluster. The likes of Maryons, Jean Brown, Louis Vuitton, Gary Castles & DJ's designer shoe department don't merely sell great lashings of shoes to out-of-towners!

While she does lament she is not done & still has plenty of research in front of her, this shoe devotee does hope this is not yet another example of our southern counterparts portraying Brisbane as Hicksville.

Read today's Courier Mail story.

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