Monday, April 12, 2010


Nothing like a little history. Fifty Shoes That Changed the World tells the tale of the top 50 shoe designs that have made a substantial impact in the world of British design today.

Created by Design Museum, it documents the changes in shoe designs over the past century & a half; a time period in which innovations in materials have allowed unimagined styles to emerge. Items of mass production & those made by hand, the stories in this book are a vast treasure trove of the cheap & replaceable, along with those that are works of art.

Consulting editor Deyan Sudjic notes that in the Museum’s temporary exhibits over 20 years the most popular has been the retrospective of Manolo Blahnik in 2003, when HBO’s Sex & the City brought his styles to the public eye.

Retailing @ $29.95, this is the perfect gift for shoe aficionados. Go to Borders online.

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