Thursday, May 20, 2010


At the turn of the millennium, the slogan in the store windows of skin care giant ‘The Body Shop’ said it all: There are 3 billion women who don’t look like supermodels… and only 8 who do.”

Brisbane based ex-model Carolyn Donovan proudly launches her new book, Chooks in Stilettos.

Amongst a generation of women already armed with that knowledge, Donovan addresses the escalating obsession with the impossible; sharing stories of everything from catwalk mishaps and bizarre travel stories, to raising snotty-nosed, grubby-handed children while trying to maintain the (so-called) glamour she is renowned for: in a hilarious unveiling of what working in the modeling industry is really like.

Inspired by the surprising amount of girls who still cling so tightly onto the fairytale of ever being tall enough, “pretty” enough, or just plain lucky, the countless mothers who corner her to ask: “how does my daughter become a model?”, and the overwhelming surge of hopefuls swarming to audition for TV shows; Chooks in Stilettos takes us on a realistic tour into the crazy world of one of Australia’s most sought after models for more than two decades. Revealing everything, from the secret to successful longevity in such a youth-obsessed industry to the evil pitfalls of playing with Barbie, and wonderfully peppered with wacky moments from her own girlfriend’s of varying professions, Chooks in Stilettos not only entertains with the bizarrely eccentric we discover when sneaking behind the scenes of filming a television commercial, but links us together in the many-sided scenarios of being… women!

Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Go to Carolyn’s website to purchase.

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