Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mihai Albu, a designer known as Romania's "shoe architect," has crafted a pair of sandals that increase a woman's height by 12 inches (31 centimeters).

The stilts are being compared to skyscrapers because of their towering heels but the price also may have contributed. In a nation, where the average salary is Euro450 a month, the hand-crafted sandals are selling for up to Euro1,200.

"Heels have an advantage because [many women] don't have long legs," said Mihai Albu, who has had a 20-year love affair making stilettos. "They reposition the waist," he said in an interview Wednesday in his Bucharest atelier.

Albu, a former architect, blends math, architecture & his appreciation for art in his creations. He uses French leather, encrusts it with jewels, feathers & mirrors.

Despite the price, Albu says he has received dozens of orders for the sandals from Romania's well-heeled set.

Check out his website – it’s quite the collection.

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