Sunday, July 04, 2010


$25,000...That's what women will spend in their lifetimes on just shoes, according to an English study. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the study says more than half the women do not feel guilty about it, according to Eastern Texan news website

"I think that women spend more money on shoes because we need new shoes for an outfit," said shoe shopper Tiffany Jackson. "We need shoes for self esteem want to be beautiful that day, maybe because their on sale."

Riecia Hulsey echoed Jackson's sentiment," I don't know [why they help] if you're having a bad day shoes just make you feel better."

The report says an average woman buys 7 pairs a year, meaning more than 450 pairs in a lifetime. 7 pairs a year? ‘Surprisingly more than half the women don’t feel guilty about it?’ Good thing this study didn’t telemarket any of my friends!

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