Friday, September 17, 2010


Ah the Races. Spring Racing Carnival is almost upon us; the horses, the fashion, the champagne, what’s not to love?

Decadent marquees lined up along the track with seemingly endless supplies of delicate canapés and champagne; provide glorious viewing pleasure from the corporate boxes that sit above them.

Women submit themselves to hours upon hours of flowing summer dresses, corsetry and this season’s super high heels, while gents put on their latest Sunday best and shoe finery.

Ah yes, the Races, where the fashion pendulum can swing from impressive interpretations of chic to horrifyingly short sequined dresses within minutes.

I’m unsure as to whether it’s the swift melodic sound of the race call or the enthusiasm that comes hand in hand with being glam-packed at a bar with half a dozen of your nearest and dearest but the expeditious consumption of alcoholic beverages seems to be part and parcel of the good Aussie race day. More >>

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