Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night @ Babes in Business new Life's an Art series we learnt: How to be the life of the party.

As promised to those Babes who attended here are my 10 tips:

1. Wear an outfit you love and shoes you are comfortable in; this may sound a little crazy coming from me - but wear shoes you can go the distance in. The exception to this rule is that if the outfit you love shows 4 litres of boob and the colour of your underwear then you may need to rethink it. What you should take into consideration is; according to colour studies vibrant colours will draw people to you so try reds, royal blues or purples.

2. Exude confidence. If you don't have it, fake it. They say imagining yourself to be the most popular person in the room can help make it so by boosting endorphins and lowering stress hormones. Others will be drawn to you.

3. Show up on time. While it may be fashionable to be late people will already have started to congregate in groups which can make introducing yourself a little more difficult.

4. Play host; offer to get someone a drink or direct them to food or bathrooms. Playing host can have you moving around a room and meeting as many people as possible, along with ensuring you don't get caught in any one spot for too long.

5. Stay standing. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to isolate yourself on a chair making it impossible to mingle.

6. Ask a lot of questions, people love to talk about themselves. If it doesn't come naturally to you avoid overly academic language it can sound clumsy, or worse, pompous. If you are at a business function avoid sexual connotations, for obvious reasons.

7. Pay genuine compliments.

8. Use people's names, you make a connection and it shows you're listening.

9. End on a strong note, try bringing up something the person said earlier, again reaffirming that you're listening to them. Give them your business card before you leave the conversation, you may not have the opportunity again. Remember: The last impression counts. Know when to leave and do so quietly or you'll be saying goodbye for hours.

10. Eat. Now this last point may bother the restrictorexics among us but if you're anything like me the last thing you're going to do is gnaw on a chop while you're trying to have a conversation with someone. If that's the case - I'm begging you - eat before you go. It doesn't have to be elaborate a piece of toast will do, just eat. Nothing gets you liquored up quicker than two glasses of champagne on an empty stomach.

Now for some DONT'S:

In the salubrious words of Snoop Dog in his song Life of Da Party; you know it's all good when you're not drinkin' all my liquor.

Booze. Know how to handle it and learn how to handle those who will overindulge in your presence. Corporate marquees and functions are notorious for plying their guests with liquor. As fabulous as that is, it isn't a race. It's not a competition to see who can get the best value for money. You need to control your own intake and learn how to handle someone if they become a little too loose.

While I love a good function just as much as the next guy I struggle with the post match carnage. Women who arrive wearing laboriously crafted ensembles leave half dressed and holding their shoes while throwing up in the gutter, sans underwear! (Bird Cage, Melbourne Cup 2007).

We've all had a little too much champagne on odd occasion but throwing up on the Monolos you had layby'ed @ Jean Brown for 3 months is just not cool. Nor is carrying them in your hand while you walk to the taxi rank in your fishnets. Shoes belong on your feet not in your hand.

Most of us have resembled the man or woman in the latest government community service announcement for alcohol abuse but your Firm's client drinks just isn't the place to replicate this.

Ladies, if you attend enough functions it's likely you will hear confessions of love from boozed post private school twice divorced lawyers. You just need learn how to deal with it. No matter that when you resist his 'charms' he is going to call you a lesbian. Of course you are. So be it. It has nothing to do with the fact he is an arrogant narcissist that has abused the wait staff and stinks of booze and cigarettes. Don't make a scene, just live with it and move on.

75% of people say they're shy in social situations so if you are one of them don't despair. True socializing is a skill you can learn.

If all else fails you'll be pleased to know that Apple has you covered. There is an iPhone App @ just $1.19 called Life of the Party, apparently guaranteed not to have you stuck in a situation with nothing to say.


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