Sunday, January 23, 2011


I love this story. According to BBC News, the founder of the Tod's luxury shoe brand has said he will cover the cost of restoring Rome's Colosseum. (Of course he will).

BBC reports that officials have accepted Diego Della Valle's offer to sponsor the restoration of the ancient Roma arena.

Rome's mayor described news the city finally had the funds to undertake the project as "the end of a nightmare".

The restoration work, which will cost some 25m euros (yes, that's $34m), is expected to begin at the end of the year and will take two and a half years to complete.

"A monument that represents Italy in the world must be restored, and a company that represents Made in Italy stepped forward to say, 'If you need us, we are here'," Mr Della Valle, who founded the shoe company Tod's, told a press conference.

The ancient Roman arena, which dates from 80 AD and attracts some six million visitors a year, is blackened by pollution and shaken by the vibrations of an underground metro line that runs nearby.

The monument is expected to stay open to visitors during the period of restoration and Mr Della Valle promised he would not use the structure as a vast advertising space.

"I won't put Tod's shoes on the Colosseum," he said.

I guess shoes can save the day. To read the full story click here.

(Source & Image Credit: BBC News)

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