Friday, January 07, 2011


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Shoes are a gift from the gods; all girls need shoes, lots of shoes, luscious, gorgeous, sexy shoes.

Every woman knows the fastest way to lose five kilos is to don a pair of strappy stilettos. Dress sizes may vary but when nothing fits,the shoe will. Shoes don’t take up much space in the wardrobe. Serious shoe addicts know how to store around 200 pairs in a secret place away from partners with prying eyes and absolutely no idea why we always need another pair of shoes.

Tracey Gillinder is a self-confessed shoe addict. The go-to girl behind major marketing campaigns for luxury car companies and social events now unashamedly shares her addiction on line.

Tracey’s Shoe Addict blog has an international readership spanning 114 countries.
Her fun and feisty take on life is usually coupled with a pair of killer heels.

Tracey has contributed to the book Who Needs Prince Charming due for release in April this year. This collaboration by inspiring women from all over Australia is packed with tips on how to make the most of life and love.

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