Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Fabulous girls tips on life, love and getting what you want.

Very excited to announce the inspiring women who are part of the soon to be released Who Needs Prince Charming?!

You wanted to know who else has contributed?
Here's the list of amazing women:

+ Bianca Dye
+ Camilla Franks (pictured)
+ Kathryn Eisman (pictured)
+ Bessie Bardot
+ Cath Cox
+ Samantha Brett
+ Moi Moi Fine Jewellery
+ Bree Amer
+ Jessica Brown
+ Maude Garrett
+ Tiffany Farrington
+ Lyndsey Rodrigues
+ Juliet Potter
+ Molly Contogeorge
+ Kelly Doust
+ Carolin Dahlman
+ Tracey Gillinder
+ Jackie Maxted
+ Carina Brezeanu
+ Dr Cindy Pan
+ Charmaine Bingwa
+ Kate Fox
+ Talita Schramm
+ Elena Antoniou
+ Melinda Hutchings
+ Amanda George
+ Jacinta Tynan
+ Jess Pace
+ Susan Taylor and
+ Michelle Hampton
+ Cameron-Jane Thomas
+ Emma Markezic
+ Jess Beston

Want to know more about the ladies? Click here.

Launching in May 2011. Super excited!

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