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In the lead up to next Wednesday's release of Who Needs Prince Charming? I'll be introducing you to some of my co-contributors, to give you a taste of what these amazing women have to share.

From U.S. Presidents to Hollywood Royalty to Pop Culture Icons such as George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Bono and Borat — Kathryn has interviewed the biggest names of our time.

Introducing: Kathryn Eisman - Award-Winning television personality, NBC-journalist and popular magazine columnist. She is also the author of two international bestselling books, "HOW TO TELL A MAN BY HIS SHOES" and "HOW TO TELL A WOMAN BY HER HANDBAG".

Published in 15 countries and ten languages, Kathryn is the youngest Australian author to be awarded a coveted three-book-deal.

Kathryn has served as the “Face” of ARENA TV on Foxtel (branded as Australia’s Bravo Channel). Each weeknight Kathryn hosted, wrote and produced their flagship daily entertainment program Xclusive. She and her team quickly established Xclusive as one of the top rating shows on the channel.

Kathryn is an ambassador for SISTER2sister, a life changing organization that mentors ‘at risk’ teenage girls and an Earth Hour Ambassador, working to encourage the reduction of carbon emissions.

Journalistic integrity and professionalism coupled with quick-wit and natural warmth are Kathryn’s trademarks. She quickly established herself as a dependable, well-rounded reporter, covering issues such as: Social Welfare Reforms and Equal Opportunity in the Workforce, fashion (providing the station’s complete NY Fashion Week coverage, film (Tribeca and New York Film Festival) as well as in-depth human interest stories (Young Heroes of NYC and ‘We Beat the Street’ program).

She is a popular on–air lifestyle expert for VH1 and other MTV productions including their weekly pop culture wrap-up show Best Week Ever and The Fab Life series. Her ability to think on her feet has made her a popular guest on MSNBC’S LIVE debate shows discussing everything from ‘Media Wars’ (Donald Trump V’s Martha Stewart) to ‘Royal Fashion’.

For some shoe advice, Kathryn says, "As the author of How to tell a man by his Shoes and How to Tell a Woman by her Handbag I’ve researched the powerful link between the clothes we wear and the message they send out to the world. But did you know that wearing the perfect pair of shoes might just be the a step in the right direction to attracting the love of your life? Don’t laugh, there’s a reason they call it “sole-mates!”

Kathryn has recently moved to West Hollywood, California, where she is completing her first screenplay and leisurely considering the pros and cons of getting a personal trainer.

Go to Kathryn's official website. To buy a pre release copy of Who Needs Prince Charming? click here.

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