Thursday, July 21, 2011


After inspiring women everywhere with her first two books 'I Hate Cinderella' and 'You Are My Future', Amanda Cole has done it all again for the third time.

In her latest offering, 'Who Needs Prince Charming? Fabulous girls’ tips on life, love and getting what you want', Amanda has collaborated with some of Australia’s most-loved women, with the VIP Launch Party held in Sydney last night.

Featuring accomplished and admired ladies such as Bianca Dye, Dr Cindy Pan, Bessie Bardot, Camilla Franks, Kathryn Eisman, Jacinta Tynan, Melinda Hutchings and Lyndsey Rodrigues – there’s a story for every woman to identify and connect with.

As Brisbane's only addition to this inspiring 35 strong ensemble, I was humbled and delighted to be included in the finish product that is 'Who Needs Prince Charming?'

This girl's go-to book encourages readers to search for their passion and direction and offers tools, positive reinforcement and resources to find their own way.

Available through leading book retailers and online. RRP $34.95.

Want a copy? Click here.

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