Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Husband sues ex for million dollar shoe collection

Noooooo! Take anything but the shoes...

New York hedge fund manager Daniel Shak is suing his ex-wife because he claims she kept him in the dark about her extensive shoe collection, according to America's ABC News, and that it should have been part of their divorce settlement.

Shak claims his professional poker player ex Beth Shak never told him about her mammoth collection of designer stilts when they divorced three years ago, alleging she kept the 1,200 pairs of shoes in a secret room, and now he wants his ex to hand over some coin for his portion of the shoes.

It seems Beth, who is well known in World Series poker circles, is not only known as a card shark - she’s 'all in' when it comes to her shoes and was even featured in the documentary 'God Save my Shoes' about women and their love affair with heels.

Daniel Shak believes her collection is worth about $1 million USD and says he's entitled to about 35 percent of that.

In just a few clicks it's pretty easy for the world to see this is one serious shoe addict. Her personal website bethshak.com and a blog she uses to discuss her obsession (shoesrforever) make no secret of her passion for stilts.

Please. There's not a woman alive who hasn't tried to hide at least one expensive shoe purchase from her husband but I'd seriously question ones ability to hide the purchase of 1,200.

No woman is that good and no man that clueless!

At this point I'd ship him a few used heels and thank him for the global publicity.

(Image: Beth Shak's Facebook Fan Page)

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