Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zara 1 - Louboutin 0

Ouch! Designer Christian Louboutin has taken a stiletto step back as a French court rules customers will not be confused between his designer red soled shoes and a cut-price pair - ordering Louboutin to pay compensation.

There is no doubt the distinctive red soles have become an instantly recognisable marker of the Louboutin brand, a discerning mark of luxury and quality.

But Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed shoes could face stiff competition from lookalikes after a French court ruled fashion chain Zara could sell heels baring the same coloured sole (red shoe pictured above).

The court ruled that Zara’s cut-price shoe could not be confused with the one made by the high-end designer and last week the Cour de Cassation – the final court of appeal – upheld the original decision.

In one final blow it also ruled that Louboutin, whose shoes are coveted by women across the globe and cost hundreds of dollars a pair, must pay the chain £2,000 in compensation.

The Daily Mail quotes Alexis Mourot, group chief operating officer and general manager of Christian Louboutin, as saying the company would continue defending its soles.

Yikes. These red sole folk mean business. What do you think? Should red remain soley with Louboutin?

Read more at the Daily Mail

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