Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shoe TV - Nine West launches Channel 9

There isn't a chick-flick on our screens that isn't product placement Heaven for anything remotely of interest to its audience.

Brands spend a lot of coin to get their products in movies, TV series and reality television but yesterday American shoe chain Nine West launched Channel 9 and effectively cut out the middleman.

Channel 9 will featuring segments covering all manner of topics relating to footwear from walking in stilettos, shoe repair tips and insider stories on some serious shoe walk-ins.

Nine West launched the channel as the centerpiece of a new multimedia campaign which incorporates significant print advertising, as well as the digital platform, to reinvigorate its reputation for stylish and affordable shoes.

Not that sales figures would suggest the need for any kind of reinvention, according to the New York Times last year Nine West had global sales of just under $1 billion.

Channel 9 will introduce 10 hours of programming over the next few months. Check it our for yourself here.

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