Thursday, September 27, 2012

Going Gaga over new fragrance


There have been many moments we've collectively shaken our heads at Lady Gaga's fashion tragedies but I've got to admit, this moment was pure genius.

Gaga stepped out in Paris on the weekend wearing a pair of her trademark super-high black pumps, with a twist. The heels are modeled like the bottle of her new fragrance aptly named Fame.

The pumps feature the same four claws that appear on the lid of the fragrance which is the first ever black coloured fragrance, apparently becoming colourless once airborne.

While some celebs might don a T-Shirt to launch their fragrance it seems fitting (with a dash of PR brilliance)that Lady Gaga would wear shoes that represent her new perfume bottle.

Add a black turtleneck and some white feathers and she's in business. At the time of publishing this piece there is no word on who designed these stilts but I've no doubt we'll find out in the coming weeks.


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