Monday, October 15, 2012

These shoes aren't made for walking

There's no question about it, these shoe aren't made for walking.

A South African artist has created these odd looking sky-high heels designed with the heel in front of the shoe.

The wearer fits her foot into the ballerina-like insole and must lean forward and balance her shins against the front of the shoe or 'heel' to remain upright.

While this is merely an artistic reinterpreration of the high heel it's certainly not one I can see taking off  for anyone who isn't Lady Gaga, especially given the bird-like stance they give the wearer.

Conceptualized by artist Leanie van der Vyver and made by shoe designer René van den Berg, they’ve been dubbed Scary Beautiful.  Her goal was to 'challenge our current beauty ideals by inflicting an unexpected new beauty standard.'

Van der Vyver’s design was nominated for a design prize at her university, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The design jury applauded the artist’s attempts to 'force the wearer to develop a new way of walking, leaning forward while refinding a painfully fragile balance.'

Think I'll stick with the more traditional scary beautiful 15cm heels.

(Image Credit: Lyall Coburn/via Vimeo)

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