Friday, March 26, 2010


Thankfully we’re done with anything remotely gladiator for the boys – halleluiah! As much as we love the men, we know the pedi is not always high on their list of priorities.

Enter this season’s new guard, a modern take on some styles of old. We’re seeing updated versions of favourites like desert boots, oxfords, Chuck Taylors, boat shoes & moccasins.

With slick, contemporary styling & in some cases, a categorically outside-the-box working over, each is looking more polished than its predecessor.

According to Gregg Andrews, fashion director at Nordstrom; "It's about traditionalism, but it's about looking a little bit more pulled together and refined. And being comfortable. Men aren't going to sacrifice comfort for style. That's the great thing about the suedes, the boat shoes, the deck shoes, they're all extremely comfortable -- very lightweight, easy to wear."

So there you have it gents – no excuses for not looking 2010 dapper!

(Quote source: Chicago Sun Times)

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