Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It’s good to know that while she hasn’t had as much success recently with her music Jessica Simpson is keeping herself occupied.

Simpson started her design endeavours with shoes making sassy ‘quality’ footwear at a price that didn't reflect her superstar status. Apparently she has the most successful celeb shoe line in the US, & has since expanded her line to include handbags, dresses, outerwear, luggage & plans to move into denim's.

Jess may not be so lucky in love, music or her acting career right now but she may have found her forte for now in the design department.

The US can catch her on new reality show on VH1 The Price of Beauty & if you’re keen to get your hands on her wares, department stores Macy’s & Nordstrom will have you covered. Prefer to do so from the comfort of your Mac – shop online @

Not bad, I'm down with affordable Chic.

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Anonymous said...

Her shoes are great love her style