Thursday, June 24, 2010


Shoes present the unique personality of a woman, says Jimmy Choo, footwear designer & co-founder of luxury brand Jimmy Choo.

If a woman doesn’t own a pair of Choo's then she is aspiring to do so.

“We all wear shoes, every day - we have to. So they are a very important part of your wardrobe. They say something about the way you hold your body. Shoes must be elegant, comfortable. They affect the person's personality,” quoted him as saying.

The Malaysia-born London based craftsman has been designing shoes since he was just 11 & admits that he still challenges himself while trying to perfect his styles.

He adds ”I'm a perfectionist. I get angry and I lose my tempter, but only over shoes. My temper is very quick but there’'s never anything personal. If I lose my tempter with a member of staff, afterwards we''ll go for a drink. Maybe I just love my shoes too much!"

Choo, now 40, says; "It is never too late to start wearing heels, but they must start off with skyscrapers. You should start with two or two & a half inches, get used to that first.”

His advice to men? “A lot of men, when they've been married for ten years, they walk in front of their wives. When a woman is wearing heels they have to walk more slowly, but sometimes their husbands won't wait for them. This is sad.”

Bless you Jimmy!

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