Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Having been privy to four Sex and the City 2 screenings I feel I can say with the utmost authority; wow. The fashion, the cocktails, those amazing shoes ... and that was just the pre screening drinks.

While there are some that just don't get the frenzy that is SATC, (generally men, with one journalist friend admitting he'd prefer to go to the dentist), you would be hard pressed not to be astonished by the flurry it engenders.

For those who are blissfully unaware, guest fashion at these soirées is like Fashions on the Field meets swanky cocktail party. For some; a fashionably eclectic ensemble that is both stylish and edgy - for others; short, inappropriately tight and sequined, but all attempts jam packed into cinemas and bars for post screening autopsies were a collective sight to behold.

The second installment had some loving it, some hating it and some so tipsy from pre screening drinks they probably won't remember it... (Read More)

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