Sunday, June 06, 2010


Having been privy to four Sex & the City 2 screenings I feel I can say with the utmost authority; wow. The fashion, the cocktails, those amazing shoes… & that was just the pre screening drinks.

While there are some that just don’t get the frenzy that is SATC, (generally men, with one journalist friend admitting he’d prefer to go to the dentist), you would be hard pressed not to be astonished by the flurry it engenders.

For those who are blissfully unaware, guest fashion at these soirĂ©es is like Fashions on the Field meets swanky cocktail party. For some; a fashionably eclectic ensemble that is both stylish & edgy – for others; short, inappropriately tight & sequined, but all attempts jam packed into cinemas & bars for post screening autopsies were a collective sight to behold.

The second installment had some loving it, some hating it & some so tipsy from pre screening drinks they probably won’t remember it but no matter what the united opinion on the actual flick, it is difficult not to be completely enamored with the energy this franchise generates. A mere glance around the rooms crammed with bevies of women who have spent an average of two weeks painstakingly styling themselves helps to realize the impact.

Some bought entirely new outfits, some restyled their existing wardrobe & I have no doubt many would have saddled up to their favourite shoetique to pluck a little stunner off the shelves.

There are some serious retail spin offs from this gig, both pre flick-watch & post, with devoted followers immediately seeking a slice of product placement rapture.

It seems the movie itself has not won over the critics with Times critic Kate Muir writing, "As subtlety & wit drain away, you feel a sense of loss . . . this sequel is not Sex & the City – it is Menopause in the Desert, & a waste of four great characters."

I must admit, I am an avid fan & I did not love it. It was entertaining, escapist fun, but I didn’t love it. The burqa humour was a little messy & while I loved the fashion I am aware that seven outfit changes in one day is a touch excessive, even for me.

The shoes were fabulous & the friendships delightful. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying this franchise gets women thinking about how they put themselves together in an entirely new way. Making an effort to dress up, stepping out with newfound confidence & reconsidering their own friendships. I know Counselors that have been unable to get that result from a woman so if a movie can do it, what’s the harm?

It’s quite possible there will be another, although I hope there won't be. Let’s move onto the Carrie Dairies & leave these gorgeous four women where they are.

Thanks for the fashion, the entertainment & the cocktails!

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