Sunday, October 31, 2010


Why did I not know about this?

How can this gem have been released in April this year (my month of birth I might add) and nobody has told me about it? I get emails from every PR Firm in this Country and beyond and still I find out about it by accident...

Anyhow, enough ranting.

This may just be my greatest discovery in 2010. Huge call I realise but I travel a lot so a carry bag dedicated to transporting my most prized possessions will most certainly be the top of my list for Santa.

This gorgeous (not so) new shoe bag is the perfect gift (or necessity) for the shoe aficionado you know and love. It fits four pairs of high heels and has an accessory compartment as well. Bless you Peep Toe. Love, love, love!

Want it? Get it here.

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