Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Only in Japan: Imagine a strappy sandal crossed with a ballerina's pointe shoe.

According to the NY Daily News Walter Steiger's Ishi wedges, which made a splash on the Akris Spring 2011 runway during Paris Fashion Week, are no more uncomfortable than high heels. At least according to Paul Steiger, the designer's son, who conversed with some of the models who wore them.

"The wedge gives the impression that the weight is on the toes, but I talked to the models and they said they walked in them really easily," Steiger told the News in an interview from Paris. "One model who was a ballet dancer said she loved the feeling of the shoes."

The shoes, made of soft calf leather with a wooden wedge, have a Japanese influence and indeed, the word "ishi" means "stone" in Japanese, he explains.

The feeling of standing on a smooth stone at the beach is what inspired his father to design this shoe, he said.

Read the full article @ NY Daily News.

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1 comment:

Chris L said...

Better late than never :P

But do you know if they're still around at all? I'd fancy a pair, if the price was right.