Sunday, November 28, 2010


According to the UK's The Telegraph the average woman can stand their new pair of shoes for just 34 minutes before grimacing with pain.

Researchers have found that once they have stepped out of the taxi and into a pub or club, they survive just over half an hour before their feet start to hurt.

Four in ten said they take a spare pair of pumps 'out of habit' to change into because they know their shoes will rub.

And more than half have ended up walking home bare-foot, while one in ten have abandoned their shoes altogether or borrowed someone else's (eeeewww).

But a survey of 4,000 women revealed a determined one fifth said the prospect of aching feet would not put them off wearing a pair of killer heels. No pain no gain as 'they' say.

The nationwide poll of women aged 18 to 65 found the average woman currently owns 18 pairs, typically spent £35 on each purchase and has a hoard totalling £630. 18 pairs? At £35 each?

Thank the Lord they didn't take a look in my walk-in!

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