Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"THE business that used to be a shoo-in has to find new ways of working."

"FIRST came the Manolos, then the Louboutins followed by the Jimmy Choos. After that, Yves Saint Laurent released the Tribute platform with multi-coloured soles, and It-shoe mayhem broke loose. Strapped into 30cm platforms adorned with dangerous spikes, tribal footwear fringes and fur, our feet became the focus, altogether overpowering jewels, bags and clothes," reports today's Australian.

Queensland shoe authority, Amber Long (of Jean Brown fame) says, "The shoe design industry in Australia is in a serious state of decline, and from my experience this is directly attributable to the rampant level of copycat design offered by Australian chain stores," Long says. "There is a disturbing trend towards a normalisation of copycat design that is seriously undermining the development of the fashion footwear industry in Australia. And for consumers looking for lower-price shoes, options are largely limited to footwear that is copied from international sources."

I am an exceptionally strong advocate for not buying copies and while economics can dictate a shoe-lovers price point; I would much rather buy the original on sale than two copies for the same price.

Read the full article in The Australian.

(Image Credit: Liam Kidston, The Australian)

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