Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I love it when architecture and shoes meet.

Architect turned designer Rem D Koolhaas's (nephew of the great architect Rem Koolhaas) Amsterdam born shoetique United Nude has opened its first store in the UK.

The shoetique's interior fitout is hitting the press-waves as much as the stilts themselves.

The largest of their ten stores globally, each space is completely unlit with exception of a unique wall of light, incorporating an automated LED light system showcasing each shoe in its own exclusive light box.

Koolhaas says, "inspiration comes from the theatre, where you are traditionally enrobed in darkness with the spotlight only on the main event". He calls the concept, "Dark Shop, a kind of non-architecture, where the black space looks endless and where the is only light where you need it".

The label was co-founded with Galahad Clark (of Clark’s shoes fame). Love!

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