Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love rubbing shoulders with a little shoe royalty.

No new kid on the block, Sarah Figgins, of ShooBiz, Scooter, Mollini, Midas and Evelyn Miles fame (Oh how I miss Evelyn Miles...), continues to impress footwear fanatics with the European sophistication she has cultivated for the last two decades with her new online store,

Working with the same group of accomplished artisans, Sarah draws every sketch, selects every fabric and finalises each construction detail that produces all of her footwear, appealing to conservative, eclectic and adventurous personalities and tastes. Sarah is renowned for creating ultra-feminine pieces, layered with character and charisma; a distinguishing look that is carried through her entire range.

I spoke to Sarah and asked her the three questions I ask every self confessed Shoe Addict.

What makes you a dedicated shoe addict?

Before I could walk or talk I would clap my hands with glee as my Mum's stiletto heels would teeter across our tiled floor. At kinder I would draw simple stick figures, but impressed everyone with the fabulous attention I would take to the stick figure's heels. I took a part-time job at 15 years of age; to 'solely' afford the beautiful Italian Beltrami shoes I found in Midas. I then worked at Evelyn Miles designer boutique whilst I was at university, just so I could touch and smell the designer creations, and so I could afford more shoes! My enchanted shoe addiction reached dizzy heights when the glass slipper was fitted to my foot and I married into the Figgins (3rd generation shoe) family. I am confessed addict! And stand tall, in my 5inch heels!

Your favourite pair & why?

I have a new favourite with every collection I build. But if my walk in robes were on fire - I would dash and grab my 5inch stiletto, Brain Atwood boots. Paneled in zebra, tiger and ocelot pony with choc brown suede fringing. The boot that unleashes 'look at me' power and literally purrs.

Your shoe philosophy?

My collections express femininity, a fastidious attention to detail and a design quality that appeals to confident women - my philosophy being "give a girl the right pair of shoes an she can conquer the world".

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