Monday, August 08, 2011


If the results of a recent national survey commissioned by TeleNav in the US are to be believed, Americans are willing to give up some of life's greatest pleasures in order to hang on to their mobile phones.

We've all been there... Ever left your iPhone at home for the day and felt utterly naked as a result? What if you left it in a Bar only to return minutes later to find it's not there? Nightmare of epic proportions.

iPhone users can't help but be reliant, the device provides social interaction, diversions and all manner of direction but would you gleefully give up shoes and sex for your phone?

The survey found 40% of iPhone users would rather go shoeless for a week than give up their beloved smartphone. Hold the phone... I don't think so!

And the question of sex? One-third of survey respondents would be more willing to give up sex for a week than their phones.

Where did they get these 'respondents?' I love my iPhone but seriously? Who are these people?

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