Thursday, December 02, 2010


Ok, so now I have seen it all...

Thought Reebok had it covered with toning sneakers? Think again my friends. If running a vacuum cleaner around the house is just too much of a chore to contemplate get yourself a pair of Foki shoes - a concept that lets you shoe-ver your house instead.

Foki is a vacuum cleaner concept developed by designer Adika Titut Triyugo. Each shoe is a rechargeable rubber-lined plastic spring-cleaning slipper and there are two rotary cleaners in each shoe that pick up dust and bacteria. Simply slip on the Foki and either run round your house vacu-shoe style or wear them as you do the rest of the cleaning.

While not even remotely attractive they do have an LED display on the top showing how much dust and grime you've picked up, as well as battery status.

What will 'they' think of next?

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