Sunday, December 05, 2010


Loving Blake Lively's work. The fashion savvy Gossip Girl star has picked up an astonishing 40 pairs of shoes at NYC's Christian Louboutin sample sale.

There is no doubt this fashionista has exquisite taste and her strong preference for the Louboutin brand is definitely no secret, given the man himself has even named a pair of shoes after her.

According to StyleBistro it seems she has recently participated in an invitation-only, super-exclusive Christian Louboutin sample sale that took place in New York City and walked home with no less than 40 pairs of shoes.

The prices were lower than usual so Ms Lively took advantage of the heavy discounts and paid only $9,000USD for her purchases after trying on signature shoes for approximately 4 hours.

Since a pair of flats has a starting price of $150 while heels were sold for about $225 most of us would agree she got some pretty good deals. Makes my 16 pair rampage in Hawaii look like child's play.

For more go to StyleBistro.

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