Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I read so many amazing Blogs from all over the world and while I have featured many of our wonderful home-grown Australian Bloggers I wanted to share an off-shore taste with you.

I love Atlantis Home, it juxtaposes both of my loves; interior design and fashion.

Judy Aldridge is the fashion and interior decorating blogger behind Atlantis Home, living in Trophy Club, Texas, with her daughters Carol and Jane Aldridge. She recently attended the Chictopia 10 Social Influence Summit as a guest speaker.

She began her career as a model, while living in Tokyo for two years during the 80's and then returned to Dallas and pursued fashion design.

During the late 1980s she owned a store called Chiaroscuro, in the hip Deep Ellum area of Dallas. The store opened in 1987 and was complete with a forties Coca-Cola vending machine and a multi-colored floor with gold stars.

Judy first delved into fashion designing with her eco friendly label Atlantis Underground which was created in Dallas during the 90s and closed in 1992. Judy has recently revived her label under the name of Atlantis Dry.

Her Blog is a great indulgence with an abundance of Chic fashion and home.


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