Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am certainly someone who has carried my Havaianas in my handbag for a long walk home or just some foot back up after a long day in heels.

While this is very sensible, it is not très Chic to have an aerial handbag visual for others to see you fumbling in there attempting to navigate around them.

Enter Flipsters, a new, super slick pair of black thongs that fold up to the size of an average digital camera & slot into a sleek, black, zip-up pouch to keep in even your smallest handbag.

Über small, thanks to their innovative ‘flip, flop, fold’ design, they are set to be THE handbag staple – easily as essential as your lip gloss, Hollywood tape or mobile phone.

And if that’s not enough, included in the Flipsters pouch is a cute (not to mention ingenious) carry strap to attach to your heels and effortlessly take them home when wearing your Flipsters.

The clever design ensures these Bondesque thongs are not one-wear only throwaways. They have a solid, cushioned sole to make your feet extra comfortable and a handy strap at the back so that they won’t slip off.

I’m sold! Grab a pair online @ Flipsters.

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