Friday, January 08, 2010


Halleluiah. While I may not have delved into actual research I have been touting this verity year. Wearing heels is easier on your knees that running!

Being a runner & a heel wearing disciple you only have to pound the pavement in both to observe this actuality.

In a study of healthy young runners published in PM&R: The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation, researchers found that running in the shoes can put more stress on the knee, hip and ankle joints than running barefoot.

It was even harder on the knees than walking in high heels, they noted.

And the findings may have special meaning to many wearers of high heels whom have listened to ‘experts’ for years ballyhooing the unhealthy merits of stilts.

Walking in high heels is easier on your knees and ankles than jogging in running shoes, researchers report, and bare feet might be best.

In the study 68 young adult runners, 37 of them women, were given running shoes, and their jogging was observed. The shoes protected the runners' feet well, but they also put excessive strain on hip, knee and ankle joints. Knee-joint twisting was about 38 percent higher than running barefoot.

So there you have it, vindication.

While I do not advocate lack of exercise nor do I promote actually running in heels, we all know there are moments when this activity is deemed necessary - particularly if you intend participating in the Annual Stiletto Race in your Country.

Amusingly, WikiHow has published a step-by-step guide to running in heels. To read, click here.

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