Monday, February 15, 2010


Loaning anything is shrouded by a minefield of issues, from books to money or your car, it can be a tough call and the decision to do so is dependant on the Loanee as much as the Loaner.

Whether the appeal to loan an item comes from family or friends, the consequences when things go wrong can be catastrophic.

Having not had a sister and instead being blessed with a brother, I am unfamiliar with the perils of loaning to immediate family when it comes to items of the wardrobe nature. Tales from those who have walked this road are almost disastrous in nature and have included outcomes from total loss of the loaned item to having it mildly destroyed.

Reflecting on my own possessions, I can say without a hint of doubt that I would most certainly loan my car before my Manolos. If the car gets a scratch on it, then off to the bump shop, but if you mark my Manolo Blahnik Sedaberys there would be tears, a possible tantrum, and potential friendship exile.

The decision to loan a shoe should be judged on a vast category of factors. To whom are you loaning the shoe, where they would be wearing it and an informed supposition about how their own shoes are treated, would all factor into this intricate equation.

As much as I love some of my girlfriends, to loan the one who throws her shoes into the bottom of her wardrobe at nights end a pair of my prized shoe couture would be arbitrary tomfoolery I love her way too much to not speak to her again. Ever.

Loan websites promising gently used Gucci or Louboutin’s for a weekly or monthly fee, a mere fraction of the retail price, are becoming increasingly popular as high-end fashion becomes more spellbinding.

With Melbourne based Love Me & Leave Me website, the borrower can ask for a quote on purchasing the ‘gently used’ item if they find it difficult to part with once the rental period is up. Can you loan a shoe worn by an anonymous foot?

I’m not quite sure I am capable of that, but I love that the option is there. Handbags, sure, shoes – not my gig.

Love to hear your shoe loaning stories if you have any!

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